Guitar Solstice is inspired by the natural event of the longest day and the longest night in the sky, which corresponds to December 21st and June 21st. According to this, “Winter Solstice” name is given to the guitars made from Canadian cedar on front cover due to the dominance of dark tones. Likewise, “Summer Solstice” is the name given to the spruce-covered guitars because it represent the longest day of sparkles.

The common characteristic of these guitars is the wide air gaps and balances between the sounds of the guitar. Therefore, the volume of the separations and sounds are large and wide. It also has a wide variety of tone palettes. That is how we are inspired by sky objects on the guitar’s rosette.

Solstice model is built with red cedar or spruce on top; rosewood or best quality instrument woods on sides and back, and is provided with a complete cypress interior double side.

The soundboard has seven fan braces in a traditional way.

The neck is built by Central American Mahogany or Honduras Cedar. The fingerboard is built by African ebony.


Hommage à Robert Bouchet


Robert Bouchet was a multi-skilled craftsman; he was primarily an artist, painting in the Impressio- nist style, and for many years he taught painting in Paris. He made fewer than 155 instruments in his liftime, so few have ever had the privilege of seeing of playing one. My acquaintance with Robert Bouchet guitars was when I started working with master Andrea Tacchi in Florence. I added my own artistic approaches to this model by taking Robert Bouchet’s philosophy into consideration while making this guitar.

Robert Bouchet guitars have elegance and colorful mid tones, also have deep basses and brilliant trebles with silver texture and a charming old school sound.

Hommage model is built with only spruce on top; rosewood, maple and Mediterranian Cypress on sides and back.

The soundboard has five fan braces in Bouchet style.

The neck is built by Central American Mahogany or Honduras Cedar. The fingerboard is built by African Ebony.